Need a quck fix, or have a question about your technology? This page will show you our process for both single services and subscription based services. You can also book an appointment with a Pocket I.T. Technician on this page!

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Single Service

Need a quick I.T. fix? The professionals at Pocket I.T. are here to help! Simply book an appointment (remote or in person) and we will get your tech going!

Subscription Service

Think you’ll need a lot of I.T. help? Pocket I.T. offers three levels of tech help! Follow the link below to view our plans!

Single Service

Schedule Free Evaluation

Schedule a 30 minute window for Pocket I.T. Tech to discuss your issue in depth either in person or remotely!

Contact Free Evaluation

We will take the time to discuss all details pertaining to your service so we can best be prepared to help!

Deploy Pocket I.T. Technician

After the evaluation a time will be set to get the issue fixed. Help is on the way!

Issue Resolved

Smile. Wasn’t that easy?

Follow Up

Your Pocket I.T. Technician will check in shortly to make sure you are happy with your service!

Subscription Service

Create Account

Set up your Pocket I.T. Account quickly and easily.

Choose Your Plan

Get piece of mind by selecting the best service plan tailored to you!

Request Service

Uh-oh! Technology now working right? Smile because you know you have protection. Reach out to your I.T. Tech for quick and convenient service!

Deploy Pocket I.T. Technician

Pocket I.T. Technician will head your way to solve the issue during the scheduled service time. Help is on the way!

Issue Resolved

Crisis averted. Sleep well tonight knowing your Pocket I.T. Technician is watching over your technology!

Follow Up

Your Pocket I.T. Technician will check in shortly to make sure you are happy with your service!

Why Us?

Let’s face it, I.T. Support isn’t very fun to deal with on your own. Whether its calling a support rep for your product, or taking your device clear across town just to wait in line, we know it isn’t convenient. We take inconvenience out of this process by bringing quality support straight to your door! The best part of it? We are small enough to know our clients on a first name bases where as the other guys look at you as a number. Our service is backed by our quality guarantee and is delivered by our vetted techs!


Our Services

Setup Services

Whether it’s initial setup or virus protection, Pocket I.T. can help you with all of your computer needs.

Fix It Services

From installation to troubleshooting, Pocket I.T. is here to help you get your internet up and running.


With the constant evolution of smart devices, you can be sure that Pocket I.T. will be there to help.